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Bar Codes for Beginners

What Bar Codes Can Do For Your Business

What is a bar code?

what is a bar codeAutomatic identification / data capture technology enables information to be collected by a device other than a computer keyboard for analysis and use by a data processing system. Automatic identification technology is especially useful in physical locations where it is not practical or possible to use a computer keyboard or with objects that need to be readily identified and distinguished from other objects in the environment.

A bar code, which appears as lines and spaces, is a type of automatic identification technology. Bar codes may be attached to any physical object for the purpose of identifying and even describing the object.


How do bar codes work?

how do bar codes workEach bar code character is represented by a group of bars and spaces. The width of each bar (but not its height) imparts identifying information about the object to which the bar code is attached.

A bar code reader scans the bar code and then translates (decodes) the electronic information into a format that a computer can understand.

Then, the information is transmitted to the computer via a cable to the computer or radio frequency (wireless).

Customized applications can also be used to perform specific business functions with bar code information that has been scanned, such as managing inventory or tracking an item as it goes through production.


What types of bar code scnners are used?



Wand is a contact scanner where the user swipes across the bar code symbol. The wand then output the data via emulation of a keyboard or serial communication.


CCD (Charge Coupled Device)scanner scans simultaneously and illuminates all of the bars and spaces of a bar code symbol with light in order to capture an image. Thereafter, decoding the symbol. In general, CCD scanner picks any image in its range and tries to decode it constantly. The CCD are limited in range; 1" to 10".


Is a barcode scanner that uses a focused laser beam to sequential scan the bar and spaces of a bar code symbol to be read. Lase scanner also known as a Flying spot scanner and capale to scan from 1" to several feet away.


Polygon scanner is a scanner composed of rotating polygon mirrors and a laser beam. ther rotating mirrors reflect the light on the work surface and scan in multiple directions. Therefore, allows to scan a barcode in any orientation. Suech scanners are used in a point of sale system as you can see in some of the supermarkets.


Holographic scanner composed of a holographic disk, laser beam and set of mirrors.

Holographic disc comprises an array of holographic optical elements (HOEs) called "facets" which function to focus and deflect outgoing laser beams during laser beam scanning operations. The HOE also focus incoming reflected laser light during light collection operations.

What are the advantages of bar code technology?

what are the advantages of bar code technologyBar codes provide an inexpensive, yet highly reliable, accurate, and versatile way to identify and record information about virtually any physical object containers, equipment, inventory, and so on. Bar codes eliminate the need to manually verify the accuracy of scanned information or enter it into your computer system. Bar code technology offers management greater control of its physical resources, both at its home location and, via radio frequency technology, off site. Plus, the automated, precise nature of bar code technology reduces staffing requirements and the potential for error and delivers maximum return on your investment dollar.

What types of companies can benefit from a bar code automatic identification system?

bar code automatic identification systemBar codes can be used by any enterprise, from business to education to government. In fact, bar codes can be helpful in any facility that maintains inventory or equipment even the computer on your desk or the books in your library. Bar codes can even be used to track the progress of an item as it is built, all the way through the production process.

But the deployment of this versatile technology is truly effective only if it incorporates function-specific applications that meet the needs of your enterprise applications such as inventory management, asset control, job tracking, rental equipment tracking, and so on.

How do I begin using bar codes? Do I need to hire an expensive consultant?

how do I begin using bar codesYour first step should be to select a bar code solution provider who can deliver comprehensive, customized solutions and services that address both your business needs and your computing environment, without the need to engage additional consulting expertise. These solutions may include both physical equipment printers, readers, and so on as well as function-specific business applications, integrated in a package that works well with your infrastructure.

Your bar code solution provider will begin by assessing your business needs and logistical requirements. What are the business challenges that you are seeking to address? Are you managing inventory, employee time and attendance, business assets, or even your entire supply chain? Are your operations database-driven and, if so, would you benefit from a solution that interacts with your database to create bar codes and update database object status?


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