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Fish Counter System

fish counter system


Gathering accurate data on the number of fish and the fish size, gives you the information needed for better planning and distribution to market.

The FC209 is a sophisticated electronic device specifically designed for counting both small and large fish on fish farms. Among the clear benefits of using the FC209 are:

  • Manpower saving
  • Increased efficiency
  • Accurate data on number of fish in each size category
  • Efficient feeding and accurate medical dosage
  • A safer basis for insurance assessment

The FC209 is a non invasive counter, which makes it gentle to the fish and untouched by any mechanical parts.

When counted, the fish are in water at all times. Correct set up and use of the FC209 is essential for accurate results. Please read this manual carefully.

The Fish Counter System (FCS209) by ABT, is capable of counting fish moving through a pipe, to be used in a fish farm environment. The count run1 can be saved for later retrieval.

The System will achieve a better than 1% read rate when:

  • Object weight is between 0.5lbs to 2 lbs ("object")
  • There will be one object at the time purging out
  • The time between two objects purging out is a minimum of 0.5 seconds

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