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Legacy System Interfacing

AS400 by ABT

Working with AS400 DB2, tired of all the log on screens?
Want that warm and GUI feeling?

Call ABT (800.722.6337) for a free needs analysis and let us help you maximize your platform, assess your tracking needs, improve your processes and increase your performance.

legacy system interfacing 1 legacy system interfacing 2

ABT has developed a unique interface to AS400 systems that works behind the scenes while you perform your tasks. Not a telnet session, our interface gives you the look and feel of a regular GUI interface in full screen.

Need to take your AS400 mobile? The same interface allows you to use hand held Pocket PC based PDA's to go with you. Whether you are receiving a shipment in the warehouse, tracking a production run on the shop floor, checking stock at a customer site, tracking a visitor to your campus or dispatching shipments, ABT has created the solution to allow you to seamlessly transfer data to your AS400 database.

Still have questions about how we can provide your company with the best inventory/warehouse management system, please contact us to arrange for a complimentary needs analysis.

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