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Time & Attendance


Part of our core module set, TA-2000 Time & Attendance is a powerful and user friendly application designed to provide accurate record keeping as well as employee and visitor tracking utilizing state of the art barcode technology. Designed to interface with ERP and/or Legacy systems, this module will provide management and security with the tools they need.

Fully integrated with handheld devices for either real-time updates, semi-batch or batch synchronization of data, this database management system maximizes data collection efficiency with ease of operation.

ta 2000Features:

  • Audit Trail for accurate record keeping
  • Fully Functional Enter/Exit features including:
    • Employee Verification
    • Visitor registration/expiration
  • Image verification
  • ERP or Legacy system interface
  • Extensive Tailored Reports


  • Biometric Facial Feature interface
  • TCP/IP CCTV monitoring

Integrate with the entire family of ABT modules right for your application.

Synchronizes with Pocket PC's
Queries by Item or Data Range
Unique audit trail for every transaction
Interfaces with ERP and Legacy Systems
Reports tailored to your specific needs
Export Data to Excel and Other Popular Programs


Microsoft Operating System:
Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, windows 7

PC Compatible with a minimum of 16 MB RAM

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