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nyse Member of the New York Stock Exchange

We contacted Advanced Barcode Technology, Inc. to handle a new and complex project for the Exchange. This project required developing a program that would allow floor brokers to hand write information about certain stocks on handheld devices then to transmit this information to outside subscribers. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, it had to be transmitted securely.

To complicate matters, the program had to support up to 10,000 trading professionals in real-time simultaneously throughout the trading day - 9:30AM to 4:00 PM - and meet strict NYSE regulations.

When we first contacted ABT, we were not certain this could be accomplished. After meeting with Charles, we discovered it was possible and Charles and his team exceeded our expectations in many ways. ABT delivered the completed program in working order the first time in about one-third of the time other companies were delivering their solutions for other comparable projects.

We are very pleased with the working relationship we have with ABT and anticipate further collaborations with them on other projects.

Alan Sarroff

Member of the New York Stock Exchange

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